Nation of Poets

Nation of Poets is a documentary film that will tell the story of a Somali women's, the director's, return to her worn-torn country, patterning the journey taken by Canadian novelist Margaret Laurence in 1950. The film will examine issues and themes that Laurence explored in her travels to Somaliland in the 1950's, during British colonial time, and it will take up these themes in its exploration of the civil war and Somalia's historic movement for national independence. The film-maker's quest, like Laurence's, is to learn about Somaliland and its changes through its gabei, the country's unique and beautiful tradition of oral poetry, and to do all of this in a fashion that is itself self-revealing.

The irony of the story is the director's choice to have a Canadian woman's, Margaret Lauerence's, books about Somali culture, poetry and travel memoirs accompany her to her country as a way to re-introduce herself to her beloved land and literature.


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